You seem to have found yourself at my humble page, and further more, a page about me. Problem is, I'm not the most interesting of people and tend to find it difficult writing about myself, all this adding up to me having stole possibly precious seconds from you as you read this.
Now not one for being overly malicious, I'll at least try to provide you with some golden nuggets of information that you can share with your aquaintances and at least seem knowledgeable.
So yeah, I got born. On the second of April, nineteen eightytwo somwhere in England the world was blessed with me, Oliver Daniel Hutt. Spending the majority of my school life drawing, I never got to be one of the popular people that you always hear about when they say that, infact I was mostly ignored, picked on, left out, but hey, I digress. Currently, I am doing a three year Animation course somwhere in Wales, I intend on owning my own Animation studio, or at least, working for one that does interesting stuff, not like you poor children are submitted to today, Long live 80's cartoons!
That's it for the moment people. You're more than welcome to come back and see if my lazy brain has remembered anything interesting about my past, but don't hold your breath.

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